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Jaguar Expands and Renames its Performance Driving School

What can you buy for the woman or man who possesses everything, involving a 500-horsepower sports vehicle from Jaguar? If you wish to keep them alive we would recommend the renamed Jaguar R Performance Drive Academy.

On Tuesday, May 22nd, Jaguar renamed their driving school and additionally expanded it to 4 locations in the U.S. this year, delivering both advanced and basic courses.

The initial Jaguar Performance Drive Academy launched in 2009 as a free gift when purchasing a Jaguar XFR, XKR, XJ Supersport, as well as XKR-S model. This plan permits a complete day of driving with Jaguar's high-performance models. It provides students and customers an opportunity to study more concerning the vehicles, sharpen their driving skills as well as satisfy their necessity for speed, according to the car company.

A basic course is $1,850 for non-owners and complimentary for purchasers of the faster models. An advanced course is priced at $2,495 for every student.

These courses both start with a welcoming reception the evening prior to the event. Participants could meet one another, show off their Jaguars and perform a bit of bench racing. The fun starts the following morning.

Jaguar states it associates the on-track exercises with real-life circumstances, making users more alert to their surroundings. A basic course will include:

-- Launch and maximum-acceleration exercises utilizing various Jag Drive Control settings

-- Brake exercises using antilock-brake-system drills

-- Some emergency lane-change maneuvers

-- Dynamic stability and dynamic mode control off handling exercises

-- Cornering drills

-- Slalom and autocross course

-- Complete track laps at speed along with a driving coach as well as hot laps with race drivers

If users have finished the basic Jag course, or equivalent program, they are eligible to enroll within the advanced course. An advanced course will feature training from world-renown drive instructors. It will include more advanced vehicle-control maneuvers, like:

-- Threshold brake exercises

-- Higher-speed cornering exercises

-- Handling oval

-- Skidpad maneuvers

-- Lower-speed handling course

2012's classes are going to be held at:

-- May 9th through the 12th at Texas Motor Speedway within Fort Worth, TX (already passed)

-- September 11th through the14th at Lime Rock Park Raceway within Lakeville, Connecticut

-- October 11th through the 14th at Las Vegas Motor Speedway within Las Vegas

-- December 10th through the 13th at Homestead Miami Speedway within Miami

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