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Cadillac: Driven by LIFERS

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Cadillac: Driven by LIFERS


Are you a person who is “passionate about your pursuits”? Perhaps you aren't exactly there yet but enjoy being inspired by those who are? You'll most likely want to check out The LIFERS Project–an exciting new venture in partnership with Cadillac.


Matt Alberts is passionate about photography and skateboarding. As a photographer, he began to find digital photography meaningless. He wanted to create more authentic images and actually work “hands on” in a darkroom.


Alberts decided to combine his passions by creating a unique multi-media collection. He would celebrate adventure sportspeople who “push the limits in pursuit of their passion”. Alberts decided to investigate what drives these sportspeople, including how the seasons give them inspiration. Hence, “The Seasons Collection”.


According to Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer Uwe Ellinghaus, a significant part of the Cadillac brand is its identification with “individuals who are passionate about their pursuits”. These people have the inner drive to push past their limits and risks, marching boldly forward. So, it was natural for Cadillac to get involved in this groundbreaking project.


For his “hands on” experience, photographer Alberts chose a special 19th Century photography technique. Called “wet collodion photography”, this technique produces prints which are both very detailed and extremely clear. Alberts says that this technique “sees beneath the skin, revealing character and depth–perhaps even capturing the soul“.


The LIFERS collection will include three segments: “SNOW”, “SUN”, and “WATER”. Respectively, the segments plan to focus on snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing.


At the moment, “SNOW” is up online. The images are indeed crisp and detailed. However, it is more than that.


Take, for example, the image of a snowboarder pushing his snowboard up a hill. Don't all the snowboarding tracks stand out brilliantly? Don't your eyes sort of feel the sun's glare on the snow? Isn't there a sort of 3-D, “I'm actually there” quality about this photo?


In December 2015, the project will celebrate its conclusion with a New York City art show. There, the original “no limits” photographs will be displayed alongside Cadillac's inspiring and award-winning vehicles.


Until then, you can follow The LIFERS project here and here.

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