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Look, Ma! No Hands Cadillac

As 2013 approaches, Cadillac moves several steps closer to the driverless car.

The 2013 XTS Luxury Sedan is partially controlled at a touch - literally.

You begin by pressing the "Start" button to the right of the steering wheel. Your dashboard opens up, but it's no ordinary dashboard. It's a touch screen with options and four themes which you can personalize.

Car running? You move to your infotainment touch screen and discover that it uses "capacitative multitouch and haptic feedback with proximity sensors". What does this mean? It means the screen senses your hand approaching and turns on. No…

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2013 Acura ILX: A Rockin' and Rollin' Success

Were you born in the 1980s or maybe the early 90s? Some even extend the period to the year 2000. If so, you belong to what's known as "Generation Y". Gen Y, as it's more popularly called, are tech-savvy team players. While they are achievement-oriented, they are not willing to sacrifice family ties to get to the top. They realize that you "only go around once". So, they expect the best from relationships, products, and services.

Now, Honda has teamed up with Indie rock band Metric to kick off sales of its 2013 Acura ILX. Honda has organized…

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Summer Trip Abroad? What about in a Land Rover?

For those who enjoy touring the U.S. countryside in their Land Rover but would like a change of scenery, a "European Land Rover Trek" just might fit the bill. Whether in one country, a few, or across Europe, touring in a Land Rover gives you the traveling experience you have come to enjoy. Renting a Land Rover abroad is easy. Most European car rental agencies offer a selection of models and price packages to choose from.

To help Land Rover enthusiasts make the most of their European summer vacation, Land Rover has created a guide to driving in Europe…

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Cadillac Plans Consumer, Dealer Support for Cadillac User Experience Infotainment System

GM is taking a page from the Genius Bar tech-support plan on Apple as its brand of Cadillac comes out with a new infotainment system.

General Motors is requiring that Cadillac dealers designate two workers as certified CUE experts--one in sales, and the additional one in service--as specialists to walk consumers through the system called the CUE, or Cadillac User Experience.

General Motors additionally prepares to employ twenty-five service reps that it'll scatter around its biggest marketplaces to field questions from customers and dealers alike. These specialists might also make house calls to customers of Cadillac's needing assistance…

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Jaguar Expands and Renames its Performance Driving School

What can you buy for the woman or man who possesses everything, involving a 500-horsepower sports vehicle from Jaguar? If you wish to keep them alive we would recommend the renamed Jaguar R Performance Drive Academy.

On Tuesday, May 22nd, Jaguar renamed their driving school and additionally expanded it to 4 locations in the U.S. this year, delivering both advanced and basic courses.

The initial Jaguar Performance Drive Academy launched in 2009 as a free gift when purchasing a Jaguar XFR, XKR, XJ Supersport, as well as XKR-S model. This plan permits a complete day of driving with…

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